The List of Top 10 Highest-Paid Celebrities’ and Entertainers of 2019

Forbes listed the top 10 names of highest-paid celebrities who have earned higher $37.5 Million in the past 12 months. Scroll the list below and get to know how much they have earned.

1. Taylor Swift with $185 Million

Taylor Swift is one of the repudiated singers in the world. She did musical tours in the USA that grossed up to $266.1 million. In the last year, Taylor left big machine records as her musical career started with universal republic records. As per the deal, Universal records shared $1 billion with its musicians. Her net worth recorded $360 million in June 2019. Also, she spent her $84 million in real estate for charity. Taylor is #1 celebrity entertainer and known as the self-made woman who achieved this position in Forbes.

2. Kylie Jenner with $1 Billion

At her 21 age, she got a great achievement in her life so far. In Forbes, she ranked as # 2 celebrity with a highest-paid and self-made businesswoman. Her makeup brand and products sold at $360 million in the year 2018. In November, she earned $55 billion after the deal with Ulta Beauty in 6 weeks. The Kylie company turnover is around $900 million and she owns a 100% stake. Her cosmetics are famous world-wide.

3. Kanye West with $240 million

Kanye West placed third in the Forbes highest-paid celebrity 2019 with $240 Million. He is a well-known rapper, singer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. He is also one of the controversial artists in the hip-hop industry. He was involved in the music industry since 2000 and also he was a producer for Deric-D-Dot Angelettie. His latest album Ye in 2018 received millions of views.

4. Lionel Messi with $127 million

Lionel Messi is one of the famous athletes from football association. Since 2003 her debut year, he has played 687 matches and won 33 club titles along with 10 La Liga titles. He was awarded 5 times in FIFA. His one contract with Barcelona for 2020-2021 is $80 million for a year.

5. Ed Sheeran with $110 million

Ed Sheeran is a famous musician in the world. His world tour earned $600 million in the past two years worldwide. His collaborations with featuring artists such as Justein Bieber, Cardi B, and Bruno Mars give him huge success.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo with $109 Million

Cristiano is one the famous name in the athlete industry. He joined Juventus in 2018 with Real Madrid and he took payment of $64 million a year. With the launch of Ronaldo Jerseys, it collected $60 million in just 24 hours. He is the world champion and won FIFA award. He has more than 400 followers on social media.

7. Neymar with $ 105 million

Neymar is also a famous name in the athlete industry. His worth salary with a five-year contract with Paris Saint Germain is $350 million. Moreover, his earning with Barcelona is $263 million. in the year 2013 hi tax cut was $1.2 million in 2016.

8. The Eagles with $100 Million

The Eagle band is one the well-known music band in the music industry. Eagle per tour grossed more than $3.5 million. This band currently lined up with Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B, Schmit, and Vince Gill and Decon Frey.

9. Phil McGraw with $88 million

Phil McGraw is known as Dr. Phil. He is an American TV actor, author and former psychologist whose net worth is $440 million and annual salary are $88 million. He co-founded courtroom sciences Inc. in 1990, which ultimately became a profitable venture.

10. Canelo Alvarez with $49 million

Canelo is a well-known boxer, people are crazy to see his fights even on live streaming and its complete worth is around $365 million in 2018. He is the mega-star in boxing. His roughly annual income is $50 million for his two fights on DAZN.

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