The Fitness Secret of Evangeline Lilly- Raw Diet & Routine Workout

Nicole Evangeline Lilly is a famous Canadian actress who came to eminence for her starting role as Kate Austen in the ABC series lost. She grossed great achievement in her career.

She is known for a $exy figure, but after her pregnancy, she experienced lots of body changes especially in her weight.

In recent times, she turned out her figure completely, and fight with all terrible complexes to get back her same figure even after giving the birth to two children. Do you guess her weight? It is 55 kg and her waist is 23. Do you want to make your body as like her?

Well, before turning your stout body into slim shape keep in mind you have to do lots of struggle and fight with your food cravings, regular workout routine, and healthy diet.


If you are fine, let’s talk about the diet plan of hot Evangeline.

  • Raw diet

It is also known as rawism or raw diet which is the dietary practice of eating only food that is uncooked. You can add raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains. However, it depends only on the person’s body to manage this diet because it does not suit everyone especially for the pregnant or lactating mothers.

She includes a lot of greens, fruits, and vegetables.  She quits sugar, meat, and flour. She also tries to drink less coffee and begins her day mostly by drinking mint tea. It gives refreshment and high energy to do workout easily.

  • Training/ workout

To maintain the shape it is really important to do a workout in the gym, and she always tries to work out for 5 times a week to maintain her figure.

She always prefers non-repetitive training, where 4-5 sets for 4-5 repetitions includes. Even she put weight and do repetition as she advised by the trainer during the workout. She always focuses on flexibility and strength training that contributes to improving her body, mood as well as her digestion.

For strength and endurance always prefer to do stair run that is good for arms, legs, and even buttocks area. It is also good to improve the efficiency of your body to run faster and maintain the weight.

She always does focus on augmenting core that is very impressive and effective way to tone Core and strengthen the back.

  • Jane Fonda’s workout

She said that she is resistant to try the new tires and work out options. She only loves or cussed Jane Fonda’s complete workout videos to keep our maintained, and ready for films.

Final words

According to her opinion, if you really want to get the desired figure as quickly as possible you have to spend more of your time in the gym workout and Concentrate on what you are eating. When you will become serious definitely you’ll enjoy the results.

First, motivate yourself to strict on diet and exercises.

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